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My mother passed away yesterday afternoon. I am told it was peaceful, that her breathing just slowed and then she was gone. My siblings and the aunt that was my mom's best friend were all with her at the end.

My mother was an amazing person. She had her ups and downs, but she gave me so many great gifts in this life. Despite our struggles at times, she was my mom and there will forever be an empty place in my life where she used to be. My sister put up a post on Facebook yesterday and in it she said, "I'll miss you, Mom. We promise to take care of each other." I will uphold this promise for my mom.

Back when I was about 11 or so, my mom was learning to play the guitar, and one of the first songs she learned was Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney. She used to practice it at night and I'd crawl into her bed and listen to her play. When I was sick, she'd come into my room and play it for me to help lull me into sleep. I'll use some of those lyrics now to send her to her rest.

Smiles in the sunshine
And tears in the rain
Still take me back to where my memories remain
Flickering embers growing higher and higher
As they carry me back to the mull of kintyre

sc0066c291.jpg OvertheHill.jpg

Sue Kay 09/11/1948 - 09/21/2017
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So it has been a long couple weeks here. Every time I start to make a post about it, Idk where to start. And the longer I wait, the longer the post gets.

About a month ago my mom hurt her back and was in screaming agony and we took her to the ER and they said there was nothing wrong, she just had a UTI, that's all and they sent her home with no pain meds, just some muscle relaxers. She stayed with us for three days because she couldn't even sit up on her own and then we took her to her doctor on Monday and he was like, "For the love of God, go to the hospital!" It took them a couple of days, but eventually they found a break in her sacral spine, which is basically the connector of your spine to your hips and your pelvis. She had been having lowkey back pain all summer and they also found some slightly healed hairline fractures, probably what had been bothering her all summer, but her regular doctor - who is a terrible doctor - just kept telling her it was arthritis and giving her steroid injections - which is actually the worst thing you can do for brittle bones - never sent her for an x-ray so eventually one of those hairline cracks turned into a full on break.

Under the cut. )

Now we're just waiting, it's just a matter of hours, as soon as her lungs get too tired to work on their own, that'll be the end. Unfortunately because she is infectious and I am on auto immune suppressors, I haven't been able to see her since she went to the hospital. Both my brothers, my sister and my aunt are all up at the hospital with her though, so she won't be alone and scared at the end.

And I swear that's only a quarter of the story, so much has gone on in the last month, Mom has been through so much, and us in turn. I just don't want her to suffer. I'm going to lose my mom, but I just don't want her to suffer. Thank you in advance for all your support and kind thoughts.
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Hey, guys! Long time, no see. I have so much to tell you - some good, some bad. But I'm not going to tell you any of it right now. LOL. Because right now I want to do a little promoting, of my self-publishing book page and of my friend's, LJ Hamlin, newest book. This book of hers was important to me because the lead character becomes disabled throughout the book and dates a disabled character as well. Good disability rep can be hard to find, especially in the romance genre. Plus, the character is a bad boy ballet dancer, which is such a weak spot for me, omg. And hey, some of you may even recgonize LJ Hamlin's writing from her fanfic days! Anyways, here's the interview & I'll try to get back soon with some RL updates.


I recently had the pleasure of reading LJ Hamlin's newest book - about to be released on September 19th - Rise Again. Rise Again is a M/M romance novella starring the bad boy of ballet, Arkady. When Arkady suffers an accident, he fears everything good about his life may come to an end. Until a few unexpected people come along and offer him a chance for a fresh start. Or, as the author may say, a chance to rise again Of course, the biggest question in all of this is, was his accident really an 'accident'?

Besides having the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at this book, I also enjoyed sitting down with the author and asking her a few questions. You can read my interview below. Full disclosure: LJ & I have known each other for several years now, both through writing and through the disability community.

Full interview below the cut. )

Rise Again is a romance, a mystery and a healing process. It's available from Less Than Three Press and on Amazon on September 19th.

LJ Hamlin's Amazon page can be found here.
LJ Hamlin's author blog can be found here.

This interview was conducted and written by one of Westword Books aspiring new authors. Her book will be released soon. Check out Westword Books on Facebook for more updates. This interview is (c)Westword Books.


Aug. 18th, 2017 03:59 pm
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So I'm finally caught up SYTYCD and I saw who was their first elimination.

Mild Spoilers for Top Ten Part 2 ep. )

While I'm here bitching about the show, can we talk about why Cyrus is still one of the All-Stars. How did Cyrus even make it to the finals, let alone be runner up? He rode on the coat-tails of mediocrity. When he was competing on the show, they dumbed down all of their choreography so that he could keep up. There were routines that were so much more technically difficult and those people get eliminated and Cyrus got to go on, because everybody curtailed choreography to him. Not in a way where they were like playing to his strengths, because they do that with everybody, no they were playing to his weaknesses. But this season, he's got a partner that I absolutely adore and she's the cutest thing and she's so talented and I really want to root for her, but if she stays, Cyrus stays and just, no.

Also, I would like to talk about the outfit Vanessa Hudgens was wearing this week. Like, girl, no OK because you're sitting behind a table so we can't see the lower half of the dress, so it just looks like you showed up in a bikini. Normally I want to steal every outfit you wear, but this week, I'm sorry I'm going to have to say it's a 'no' for me.

My 3 fav routines this week were Dassy & Fik-shun's Bollywood piece (throw in the swag Fik-shun!), Sydney & Paul's breakup piece (beautiful & moving) & Kiki & Jenna's Joker/Harley-esque piece (so fun!). Hey, how long has it been since I made a SYTYCD post?!
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What is this - two posts in one day?! /gasp/. But The BFF just pointed out to me that it is International Cat Day, so I have to post pics of my boys. I mean, it's like the law or something! lol

A refresher course: Pippin Took is the blonde, James T. Kirk, aka Kirky Turkey Pie, is the tiger cat, Ripley Jonesy is the mostly white one and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the mostly orange one.

Happy International Cat Day to all your furry families out there!



Aug. 8th, 2017 04:27 pm
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Did this over on Facebook - wonder if it got started to promote the Emoji movie? - so I thought I'd post over here too!

Can you do it? Only emojis

Current mood: 🤔
Relationship status:😺😺😺😺
Kids: 🤣
Siblings: 👩🏻‍💼💁🏻‍♂️🙎🏼‍♂️
Favorite color: 🔮
Favorite Animals:🦄
Favorite season: 🍁🍁
Most used emoji:💕
Favorite food: 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🍫🍫🍫
Favorite beverage:💧🚰🤷🏼‍♀️
Favorite hobby:💻📜✏️📝👩🏼‍💻👩🏼‍🎨🖍🖌

Sorry, Sis, they don't have the red headed emoji anymore. I could have used the old white haired lady tho! 🤣. And, Canadian Bro, they don't have any bald guys! 🤣. They also don't have soda, otters or jellyfish, wtf, I feel the emoji squad is lacking here!
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I am very proud of my city today. This weekend my little Michigan town had its very first Pride festival & parade. I went out for a while to watch some of the performances and check out some of the vendors.

Also, earlier this year, my city opened its first Pride community center. To have a place for the community to get together, and talk about activism/resources and to give the youth a place to feel at home, is an amazing thing. I can’t imagine how great it must be for the younger generation to have a place where they can find their community.

This year we also passed a non-discrimination ordinance that does not allow businesses or housing to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. It was a fight to get this passed, but we have finally done it. It is 2017, it is about time!

And now we’ve had our first Pride festival and parade!

Pics of me at the festival under the cut! )

My little city has come a long way this year and I can say that, though a lot of times I grumble about still living here, right now I am very proud to call this place my home!
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So, at the end of June, The Nephew came to stay, so he could go to daycamp near where Sis works. She dropped off/picked up every day and in the evenings, I was on auntie-duty. We mostly watched The Flash together, as he is just getting into it. His daycamp was at the YMCA and was Extreme Sports Camp. They did some tightrope walking, swimming, rock climbing, various forms of dodgeball-ish games. And he learned to rollerblade. He loves it! Too bad he lives in the country and has no concrete. If they end up moving to town, I’m going to buy him a pair, first thing.

This week he came back for Wet & Wild camp, which is all water play. He was excited and hoping they’d get to rollerblade again, which they have. They also went swimming, played water-relay games and water balloon baseball. Today they went to the big aquatic center pool, that has slides and diving boards, plus a drop slide. We got online last night to look at pictures and he got pretty excited.

While he was here, we also played more on our D&D game, that he has been playing for a year now! And we introduced him to Dead Of Winter, that Geek Cousin turned us onto, which is a zombie survival game. You work as a team, but also have individual goals. You can search and fight zombies, but you always risk being bit and spreading the infection to others. There are a good 50 characters you can choose from. It’s a load of fun!

At Motor City Comic Con we went to a tabletop booth, where I told the guy about our campaign last year with all the kids and how the nephews sliced open the dragon’s belly and crawled inside to attack him from his bowels, and the dude was laughing and telling me, “You’ve got a great generation of gamers coming up there.” Then he sold us on a D&D style Star Wars game, that he thought The Nephew was the right age for. We had Canadian Brother - who I played D&D with as a kid - Sis, Geek Cousin, me and TN. Before this TN’d only ever played solo campaigns or with the younger kids. This time he got to play with the big boys! CBro decided to turn on this jerk character we were suppose to be getting info from and just kill him. Geek Cousin joined him, so I banned them to the back of the ship, as I was game-master. TN thought that was hysterical, but he was also fascinated in watching the various ways you could go outside campaign perimeters. We stopped once we escaped Jakku, but there was more to do, so we want to play the rest later. I had to explain to Sis that you keep your character throughout all the campaigns, for years sometimes, until they die. So, no, we couldn’t let someone else play CBro’s guy, we’d just have to say we dropped him off somewhere.

Anyway, if you were wondering how The Nephew's - and my own - summer is going, that’s just a taste. Wait until I tell you about The Canadians’ visit!
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I was about 12 when I first saw Night Of The Living Dead. My love for movie makeup & horror blossomed there. I thought of that movie every time I made little short horror films with my friends & video camera. I was in high school before I understood the significance of the main character being black, making it to the end and then being shot dead. I made my little brother listen to me meta about it for days. I was struck so hard. I even owned the two tape special-edition VHS with the Night Of The Living Bread college student parody short film on it. It feels cliche to note only Night of the Living Dead, it certainly isn't his only work to praise, but it inspired me, meant something important to me.

Thank you, Mr. Romero. You gave inspiration to an 18 year old with a handheld video camera and some used Halloween makeup.

May you rest in peace. Or not, if you prefer.

Also, to Martin Landau. He was an award-winning actor whose career spanned stage, movie and TV. But what I'll remember him for was his small guest stint on Without A Trace as Jack's dad. The character was suffering from early stage dementia and organ failure and Jack wanted him to fight. He had to have the talk, the one I expect to have to give someday, the "I know you love me so do this for me and let me go" talk. It hit me, hard. It was moving. He was nominated for an Emmy for that role.

At any rate, I've heard what actors want is to have one moment where they change someone's life with their stories. It didn't so much change my life, as help me feel like I was being given permission to one day, when it really does get too much, when my body has failed and my liver is going, to just let go.

Thank you, Mr. Landau. Rest now.

My dad says he's getting tired of checking the headlines everyday, it's as bad as checking the obituaries, his childhood idols keep passing on. I'm starting to feel that way too.
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net neu·tral·i·ty
1. the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

As you may have seen, today has been a call to action for net neutrality, to stop the rollback of the internet. Do you want a fair & equal internet, where all sites are treated the same, where the time it takes to load a page remains the same for Amazon as it does for an individual person's handmade jewelry page, remains the same for NBC's page as it does for small independent news bloggers, remains the same for HarperCollins as it does for self-publishing authors' personal pages? Should the internet be ruled by who can pay the most or should all sites be equal? Should the internet be ruled by corporations or should everyone have the chance to utilize the amazing tool that is the internet on an equal basis?

If you stand with net neutrality, take this call to action today! (and if you didn't get to it today - some of us had wall to wall appointments today! - then try tomorrow. It's alright, you can still join call!)

Some articles with information on the net neutrality rollback bill and today's internet protest...
Link 1, Link 2

Some ways you can answer the call to action...
Link 3, Link 4

(copy/paste anywhere you wish). Join the call!
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I know one can - and I do - crosspost from DW to LJ, but is there a way to collect my tweets from Twitter and get them onto DW? I know people can do it from Twitter to LJ. I want to go from Twitter to DW and then from DW to LJ. Yes, I have turned into one of *those people* who wants everything connected. Except my Facebook. IRL people follow my Facebook and they must never know of my secret identity or the undignified double life I lead!

Ion, I am at the end of Day 12 of a 16 day influx of family. It started when The Nephew arrived to stay so he could go to daycamp (near Sis' work, so she did the dropping off/picking up) and then blew up when The Canadians arrived, plus a few extra kids over the holiday weekend - all 4 niblings plus Little Girl Cousin. Had a bonfire at vet-tech-cousin's to watch the fireworks from her front yard on the 3rd, 11 adults & 8 kids. Then the annual 4th cookout at my house - started 6 years ago with 15 people, this year we had 45 + 2 dogs, one of which was a 10-week old Dotson. And now we are down to me, Sis, TCBro, TCNephew & TCNiece, plus 4 cats and, for the night, the 10-week old Dotson puppy, that we are dog-sitting.

My life is madness, people!
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You may have noticed I didn’t post on Father’s Day. That’s because I was too busy celebrating Father’s Day! Sis and I took a trip out to see Dad. And we brought along a friend, our cat Hiccup! Hiccup loves to ride in the car and will frequently go to the garage door and cry when he sees we are about to leave. He also loves going to see his Pop and will perk up at the mention of the word ‘pop’, even if we meant soda.

But ok, Sis forgot something in the house and ran back inside, leaving me standing in our garage holding Hiccup. Hiccup didn't like this, freaked out, and continued to cry pathetically for most of the 20 minute drive. We had to sing to him to get him to calm down - his favorite lullaby, "Somewhere Out There" from American Tail. I am sure you can picture us driving along, two middle-aged women, singing this song at full volume to our cat in the backseat.

Anyways, we hadn’t taken Hiccup for a visit since Dad got his dog, Baby, as we weren’t sure how Baby would handle a cat. We were waiting for her to grow up and settle down a little - which, grown - yes, settled - not so much.

At first, Hiccup wasn’t having this other animal. He didn’t know there were other dogs besides my mom’s dog, Winston. Baby was just curious and excited, but not aggressive at all. Hiccup, on the other hand, was hissing and punching at Baby. At last he settled though and we were able to hand Hiccup off to his Pop for a snuggle. He did very well, except for the few minutes that his Mommy went out in the backyard with Baby - he didn’t like that, even with me there to reassure him.

It was a good visit and Hiccup was exhausted by the time he headed home. I was exhausted too!
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I got my love of reading from a few different sources. One is my mother. Did you know that she started reading The Chronicles of Narnia to me when I was 4? The series is still in my top favorite books of all time.

I also got a love of reading from my sister. I read way above my age level, so she was always loaning and reccing me books. When I was in the 4th grade she told me to get The Outsiders and Lord of the Flies. In the school library, I couldn't find them, so I asked the librarian. She told me that they were in the high school section and I wasn't allowed to read them. So my sister went to the school library the next day and checked them out under her name and gave them to me to read. Those books may have had material I should not have been reading at that age, lol, but they are both still big favorites of mine.

Also, as it turns out, she read to me when I was too little to do so. At least, that is the evidence we found when we came across these pictures recently! (apologies to my big brother for not bothering to crop him out, ssshhh he'll never know).

There are a million and one reasons I love my big sister, but instilling a love of reading in me is definitely one! Happy Birthday, Sis! I Love You!
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I had the honor of meeting Adam West and Burt Ward at Motor City Comic Con 2016. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the original Batman TV show and they announced that they would be doing con tours in its honor, but that it would be the last year they would go on tour as they were both retiring from the convention circuit.

I was probably 4 or 5 years old when the show started rerunning on the weekend and my dad and I would watch together. When I told my dad that they were going to be at the convention I was attending, he reached into his wallet, pulled out some cash, handed it to me and said, "I want a picture. You better bring me a picture." Thanks to my dad, I got the chance to meet Adam West before he passed away. I remember when I came into the photo booth with my Batgirl costume on, he loudly declared, "Well now we're talking! Alright!" Which made my day.

I'm so thankful I got the chance to meet these two great actors and I was sorry to hear that Adam West passed away this week. The Batcave is good and all, but I know he is someplace even better now. Rest in peace, Mr. West, rest in peace.
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Well this is me officially doing my first Dreamwidth/LJ crosspost. I wish it was under better circumstances. (I’m so glad I made that happy post about finishing my book, or I’d only ever be on here when someone was sick or had passed on, I swear.)

My great-aunt Kate passed away on Monday. She was 99. If you just thought, “What a great long life,” you are not wrong. And an amazing life to boot. Aunt Kate was the youngest of all of my greats on that side of the family. She is the last of that generation of my family to go, on either side. She was my maternal grandpa’s youngest sibling. He passed away in his early 70s of cancer, but my mom was close to Aunt Kate even after, so I was as well. She never married or had kids, but was everyone’s honorary mom or favorite auntie. Her sister married an alcoholic and Aunt Kate was the one to step in and help those kids when they needed, so after their mom died, they officially adopted Kate as their own. She lived here in town my whole life, until eight years ago, when she bought a house down the street from her niece a few towns over. They ran an antique shop and Kate helped out and as she aged, her niece made it possible for her to stay in her home and not go to a nursing facility. After her niece’s husband passed of cancer a few years back, she moved in with Kate and became a regular caretaker for her. At 99, Aunt Kate was able to pass away at home.

Read more... )

I loved her. I admired her. And I will miss her.

Lay down now, on the green rolling hills, and go home.
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It's My Birthday! (It's [ profile] liptonrm’s birthday too, she's my birthday twin and my bff, but she has abandoned Livejournal for different pastures - I think she’s still on Dreamwidth a bit, and Tumblr, ofc).

We were at Motor City Comic Con all weekend and then I had PT on Monday, so today I just stayed in bed in my pjs all day and played on my iPad. The best present I got was that Kirk came and crawled into bed with me and allowed me to hold his hand and cuddle while I took a nap. He rarely does that! Then my sister brought me home Red Lobster. I would kill a man to get at their stuffed mushrooms, I swear.

Anyways, as has become customary for my birthday, I have a baby pic of myself, being oh-so-cute. Here is a photo of me at about 4, with my Grandma Ava, the one who passed away last year. Look at me cuddle her! I don’t think we look very much alike at all, but that’s okay, we were both still cuties. And have a teenage pic as well, me being still cute but also a little awkward. I was a freshman in high school here, so about 14, and I had dropped out to home-school by this point and my mother lamented that I didn’t have any school photos that year because of the home-schooling, so somehow - I have NO idea how - she convinced my dad to pay for professional photos from a studio. I said I would only do it if my dog, Tate, could be in them with me. I was very self conscious at this age and Tate, I think, helped the shots come out good, in the end. And a grownup pic as well, here I am last year when I dyed my hair purple!

Grandma and Me.JPG

Adie's purple hair 01.jpg

Thank you for all the birthday wishes I have received! You guys are the best!
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You guys! OMG! The Book is finished! My book, of a collection of short stories about the various pets we have owned over the years, that my grandmother very much demanded I write just a few months before she passed away. I am finished, finally finished. Well, not finished-finished, but I finished the writing process of it all. The book is 55,603 words. It has taken me a year and a half to write. The last three or four months, I haven't even written any fanfiction really. Omg, I can't believe it's done.

It's in my editor's hands right now. I get a two week free break, before I even have to think about it again. Then there will be editing, promoting/marketing/social media and formatting it and getting it ready for self publish on Amazon. I'm hoping to do it through a place that has options through Amazon where you can get it as an e-book or you can get it as a printed copy paperback, because it would be cool to have a printed copy, but most people will probably want the e-book. I finished it yesterday, but I was so tired last night after getting the last chapter done and putting it all together, that I just went to sleep.

But I wanted to tell you guys because I can't believe it is done! I wrote the first chapter the week before Christmas 2015 - it's been a long road. I am so grateful Grandma got to read that chapter before she passed. I'm hoping to have it out by the middle of June, but it might be more like the end of June. Then I get a week to do nothing, but sleep, and then I have to get back to work on the book that The Nephew and I are writing together. But right now I get to go to Motor City Comic Con this weekend and not think about the book. And I get to have my birthday next week and not think about the book. I don't have to think about it at all until Memorial Day weekend, when I will start marketing.

I'm so happy and I know my grandma would be very proud of me. I wanted to share with you guys, because you've always been so encouraging of my writing that I felt like I had to tell you! The writing process is finished and now I'm going to catch up on some TV, at last. And maybe some things around these parts, like comments and stuff. /insert 573 happy-face emojis here/
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It's my LJ anniversary! Number 7, to be exact! Can't believe it's been seven years. I was just telling a friend from these parts - who I met on here back in my freshman LJ year, [ profile] lizibabes, whom I have stayed friends with all these years - (how many of you have been chatting with me for seven or six or even five years now?!) - that, as it happened, the day I made my first LJ post was The Nephew's 4th birthday. He turned 11 today!

I meant to get my Dreamwidth up today, so that my LJ and my DW anniversary would be the same. As events unfolded this week - besides Lucky's death, Mom has been in the hospital all week, came home today, is doing better - I just didn't have time. I've been baby-sitting all day, with help from The BFF, as Sis has bronchitis and my brother needed the kids watched so he could do funeral stuff.

As I type this, The Niece and I are side by side in my bed on our tablets. She is playing a puzzle game for kids and I am making this post. Once she settles a bit, I'll turn on Moana. She saw it in theaters, but I've never seen it! Anyways, I still wanted to get something put up for my LJ anniversary!

Maybe you all could leave me some comments? Anything you can think of that reminds you of me - something you see somewhere that makes you think 'Dodger', or maybe a fic of mine you remember fondly, or how long you've been following me. Anything at all to make me 'awww' over my wonderful friends and wonderful time here!

I love all you guys! I always say, "internet friends are real friends too!"
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We had a loss in the family today. My father's roommate, one of my little brother's closest friends, someone we'd all known nearly 20 years, since he was a 15 year old boy, passed away this morning.

There were four boys - two brothers, Lucky, and then my little brother. They all met as teenagers. They all bonded as brothers. They grew up together and stayed close, even as they grew into adults. When my mom threw my little brother out at 16, one of their parents took him in. When my brother was living with my dad at 17 and found out Lucky was living in the park more or less, my father took him in. These four boys - men now - introduce themselves as foster-brothers, and it is pretty much the truth.

Any lucky penny will do fine. )

My dad inviting him into his home like that gave Lucky ten more years. As my sister said today, that may be the greatest thing my dad has ever done, giving that kid ten years he didn't have otherwise. He wasn't quite my brother, but he was my brother's brother and my father's son, and that makes him family. That bedroom at the end of the hallway will forever be Lucky's room.

Goodbye, Calvin. You'll be missed.
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Hey, gang! So, about the LJ/DW thing. I am going to switch over to DW. Probably not for a few weeks here though. I don’t have one already - because I am very behind the times - but since my LJ anniversary is on May 13th, I figure it would be easiest to switch to DW then, so that can be my anniversary over there too. (It also happens to be The Nephew’s birthday, which wasn’t on purpose that I made my first post that day, but it does help me to remember the date!)

I am paid up on my LJ account until July, I think, so I am certainly staying here until then. Whether I decide to delete my account after that is still up in the air. Most of you have made the migration, but not all of you, and not all of you that I talk to regularly, so I am undecided about deleting or not. And once over on DW, I am lazy and don’t want to go look for communities to cross-post fic at, so after that I’ll probably just post on AO3 - (same name over there already) - and just link to it from DW.

Anyway, I’ll let you know when I’m up on DW and I’ll search for all your names over there and friend you if I find you - (though if you see this and want to link me your page, that’d be awesome!). I’m also on Tumblr and I’ll be getting a Twitter here soon. Once my DW is up, I’ll make a post with links to all of my pages!

For Easter, we stopped doing things with our family - we used to do breakfast with Mom’s and lunch with Dad’s - a few years back, three or four, maybe. But recently we had a work-friend of my sister’s over to teach her to play euchre, since her boyfriend’s family plays and she wanted to learn. We were telling people about the big holiday euchere tournaments we used to have at The Farm, in between supper and pie; four or five tables, the kids banished to the basement until they were old enough to learn to play - (I learned at nine, so I didn’t have to go to the basement with the little kids anymore!). Neighbors and friends of us kids and whatnot would stop over for pie and to join the euchre games. “You got some pie? Playing euchre? Yeah, yeah, I can stay a bit.”

We got nostalgic, so we invited some cousins over Saturday night to play some euchre. Just six of us, but it was fun. My one cousin was complaining though, because we don’t have any regular playing cards. We have Firefly cards, Spiderman cards and Scooby-Doo cards, but no regular old plain playing cards. I don’t know why she way surprised by this, lol!

That was our little Easter celebration. I hope all of your weekends were good as well!


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